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28th March 2018

In praise of The Fed’s Hate Crime Advocates 

A special thanks to Vera Baird, QC Northumbria Police & Crime Commissioner for her positive stance and acknowledgement to The Fed and its resilient group of hate crime advocates tonight. One of The Fed’s Directors, Louise Evan-Wong has echoed Vera Baird's acknowledgement of the positive 6 year partnership both organisations have shared working together to tackle hate crime in the North East.

Hate crime advocates are trained volunteers of the Fed and play a multi-faceted and invaluable role in supporting victims & those who have experienced hate crime. As Vera Baird explained "these hate crime advocates are an important link to advocating and reporting to the police as well”. 

Anyone can experience a hate crime but it is usually the most vulnerable people who are discriminated against and/or abused and physically harmed just for being who they are! Hate crime can affect people psychologically as well.


An LGBT hate crime is any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s sexual orientation or transgender identity or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity.

The Fed wishes to thank Vera Baird & Awards 4 All and all those hate crime advocates out there who attended last night and whose hard work, perseverance & dedication aspires to improve our communities and to achieve a sense of reassurance & safety. 


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LGBT Fed AGM 14th Dec 2017 @ Irwin Mitchell

This year's annual general meeting included contributions from Louise, Director, The LGBT Fed who welcomed a full house of members, both long-standing and new ones and service providers from member organisations in the North East.

Louise welcomed everyone. Our LGBT and Human Rights reprentative from Irwin Mitchell, Ashlee Coates also gave us a warm reception. Louise informed us about the full programme of exciting events and activities which LGBT Fed developed and contributed to this year. 2017 was full of active engagement, education and awareness, networking and fun. 

We are proud to say that we participated in Pride celebrations in Newcastle and Durham; trained up LGBT Hate Crime Advocates, delivered HBT Training in schools and involved members in workshops such as poetry writing and sign language. We continue to work with and maintain positive partnerships with our supporters Northumbria PCC, Awards 4 All, Ben Hoare Bell, and Nasty Women to name just a few.

A highlight of the evening were the ideas put forward by members towards next year's programming and of course our annual quiz. Thanks a bunch Louise 

LGBT Fed wishes to thank all our members and partners for their commitment and investment in making the North East a safer, friendlier and more informed place for LGBT people to be. 

Thanks to everyone who attended this event. Your presence and contributions made this year's event a successful and enjoyable one. 

Special thanks to Irwin Mitchell for hosting us at their brilliant location and for the catering and goody bags! We really appreciated it. 

Looking forward to next year. Watch this space! 



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